In our offer you can choose from throwing automatic asphalt targets FALCON Czech® in two production lines:

 F 07 – PROFESIONAL     Products of this category are intended for professional as well as commercial usage, and holding sport competitions with a huge volume of thrown targets. Massive construction of this machinery and using the highest quality components are the prerequisites for long lasting period.

F 12 – HUNTER     This product is intended for a group of shooting and hunter clubs or /and individuals, where a lower strain of machinery is expected, as it is not always necessary to invest into Prof line. The machinery here is a line of lighter throwers, favourable by price that can, however, be used for holding sport events, too. It is a very good rate considering price to power.

We also provide a line of electronic remote controllers known for their easy operation for automatic throwers of both lines.

You can find our complete line of products of high quality asphalt targets HORNET® for all shot gun disciplines in our offer.